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The JOBE method for travel

The JOBE Method


Keep a log of your everyday experiences. The journal will supplement the memory and help one step back into past after reading just one sentence.

One bag:

Only bring one bag. Travelers will walk and get lost more than anticipated. One carry-on bag will get you in and out of the airport, trains, taxis, and buses with ease. Only bring one bag, period.


Befriend a local before leaving. Find someone in the area traveled before leaving. If nothing else they will be a great emergency contact. The best case scenario they will show their culture from their perspective, and one can gain knowledge not available on a tourist bus.


Expect the unexpected. The events that one thinks could never happen always do. There is no way to change this. The mishaps of travel are more enjoyable and memorable than the days where everything goes your way. If travel was easy, everyone would do it.


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