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Welcome to the homepage for Author Jobe Leonard

Jobe Leonard’s education is as follows:

Tennessee Technological University 2005 Graduate Business Administration

Lincoln Memorial University 2007 Masters Business Administration

Facts from Jobe Leonard’s Career:

Jobe Leonard is one of the world’s most published authors with over 6,191 ISBNs on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Abe Books.

Jobe Leonard is currently a Zero Energy Home Rater for the Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Home Rater Program

Jobe Leonard is one of the world’s top energy analyst and consultants maintaining multiple media channels to help other’s learn about the topics free of charge.

Jobe Leonard records multiple Podcasts on a weekly basis to keep his fans abreast of his current projects and interests:–Economics-Podcasts/Rescheck-p1191830/

Jobe Leonard maintains blogs to keep readers abreast of what is happening on a daily basis.

RESchexpert Blog (2024)

Jobe Leonard creates videos on various topics that interest him

Jobe Leonard is a consultant, author, innovator, energy analyst, and entrepreneur.

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