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Study Abroad Free Sample 2

I woke up about twenty minutes ago and the airport was pitch black.  Apparently, this is not an airport that stays open all night.  After getting my bearings, I begin realizing I was the only one left in the entire airport. I got up and walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face.  I arrived back to my seat and was eating trail mix.  I noticed two military Jeeps pull up under the front entry canopy of the airport.  Instantly, fifteen special operations soldiers armed with handguns, M-16’s, and laser sighted assault rifles came busting through the entrance yelling at me in Italian.  I instinctively put my hands up in the air.

The Italian soldiers made me slide them my passport across the floor while I was face down on the cold airport floor.  As I lay there on the ground, I could see the weapon’s red lasers of death dancing all over the floor surrounding my head and face.  After seeing my passport was from the United States, one of the soldiers started speaking to me in English.

“What the hell are you doing here?” The soldier yelled asked inquisitively.

“I have an early flight the next morning, and I must have fallen asleep.  I was not aware airports in Italy were not open all night.”  I told him in slow intentional English.

“This is not a hotel.”  He snapped at me. Then he handed me my passport back and here I sit.