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Jobe’s International Travel Tips

Real tips from real life experiences in Jobe Leonard’s Study Abroad.

1.  When I am traveling in the spring or the fall I always determine beforehand if the country I am in participates in daylight’s savings time.  This is especially helpful when using public transport

2.  Nothing is free.  If someone offers something for free I determine what he or she are trying to cheat me out of in return.  There are plenty of businesses that prey on naive travelers, and make millions of dollars doing so.

3.  Only bring one bag.  Nothing will be more paramount to the enjoyment of a trip.  The number of times I have had to walk multiple miles has been too many times to count.  I travel with one carry on, that is it.  This is all I bring whether my trip is 4 months or 9 days.

4.  Every item that is available in the United States is available in Europe, except for ice.  I am certain they have forgotten the recipe.

5.  Always check for the current political turmoil before traveling to an area.  A country may seem safe, but current situations can control how a general population may feel about certain nationalities at the time.  This helps from being led into compromising postions.

6.  Befriend a local before heading abroad.  If nothing else they will make a great emergency contact in case trouble presents itself.  In the best case they can provide assistance on the local area and provide advice.  A fantastic resource that I use on every trip whether abroad or in the United States is

7.  Keep a journal.  I cannot remember most of what I did ten years ago, but when I read a single sentence of my travel journals my memory becomes so vivid I can step out of reality and back into past.

8.  Travel alone occasionally.  Do not rely on others.   The one way to assure a great trip and satisfy everyone on a journey is to not be afraid to break away from the pack and travel by myself.  I have learned more about myself on solo journeys.  Breaking out of a comfort zone is invigorating.

9.  Expect the unexpected and enjoy it.  The things I think will never happen, always does.  There is no way to stop it.  The mishaps of the journey are much more enjoyable and memorable than the days where everything goes my way.  If every travel day were a cakewalk then everyone would just sit at home on their couch and never explore the world.

10.  Plan a trip today.  Pick a location, set a budget, and start planning.  Even if you save $1.00 per day it can happen.  In 2 years there will be enough money to buy a flight.  It is possible to live on a very small budget depending on personal tastes and travel prowess.   Take a look at for ideas on cities and how to travel with skill on a budget.

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